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& Cellulite Reduction
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Endermologie is the ONLY TECHNIQUE in the world which MOBILIZES TRAPPED FAT (Cellulite) that is RESISTANT TO DIET AND EXERCISE
Tanita Body Composition Analyzer
For monitor progress of cellulite reduction throughout our cellulite treatments we use highly precise Tanita Body Composition Analyzer. Detailed print out is available including: current data, history chart, nutrition and exercise plan witch are recommended base on individual body composition.


BMI: Body Mass Index is height to weight ration.
BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate represents the total energy expended by the body to maintain normal functions at rest such as respiration and circulation.
Impedance: Impedance reflects the body's inherent resistance to an electrical current. Muscle acts as a conductor of the electrical current, adipose tissue acts as a resistor.
Fat %: The percentage of total body weight that is fat.
Fat Mass: Total weight of fat mass in the body.
FFM: Fat free mass is comprised of muscle, bone, tissue, water, and all other fat free mass in the body.
TBW: Total Body Water is the amount of water retained in the body. TBW is said to comprise between 50%-70% of total body weight. Generally, men tend to have higher water weight than woman due to a greater amount of muscle. 
Desirable Range: Healthy range for Fat % and Fat Mass. This range is printed only when standard mode is selected.

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