Whole body vibration exerciser
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Endermologie is the ONLY TECHNIQUE in the world which MOBILIZES TRAPPED FAT (Cellulite) that is RESISTANT TO DIET AND EXERCISE

We use the Vibration Plate as excellent compliment to Cellulite and Endermologie treatments.

The Vibra-Plate is a whole body vibration platform which offers a solution for cellulite, antiageing, osteoporosis and fat-burning. The Vibra-Plate generates vibrations through a rapidly moving platform, causing the muscles to respond with a tonic vibration reflex, which is many times stronger than any voluntary movement.

Celebrities and athletes around the world are using the Whole Body Vibration technology like Madonna and Gwen Stefani, to champion Lance Armstrong. Sports teams using Whole Body Vibration in their training include: The Sacrament Kings, Boston Celtics, Red Sox, Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, New York Giants, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76 er's and many European Soccer teams.

Studies show 3 to 10 minutes on Vibration Plate, 3 times a week, was shown to cause a fat burning effect, which increases fat and cellulite loss.12 minutes on Vibration Plate, is equal to an hour and a half of working out with weights.

Anti-ageing benefit of the Vibration Plate:

 Vibration training on the Vibration Plate creates an intense workout affecting virtually every muscle in the body without using overload, and reducing strain on joints, ligaments and tendons.   In Vibration Plate's short duration training of 10 minutes you will also quickly increase flexibility and range of motion as well as improve the production of collagen all within the first ninety seconds of use. Overall, the Vibration Plate contributes to a more youthful feeling due to an increase in oxygenation, increased secretion of serotonin (the happiness hormone), mental stimulation and improved basic brain functions (such as better concentration). By decreasing cortisol levels the Vibration Plate helps eliminate the effects of stress.

Benefits of the Vibration Plate exercise:

  • Helps Reduce Cellulite

  • Clears Lymph glands

  • Exercises & Oxygenates the entire body

  • Slims, Tones, and increases flexibility

  • Stimulates Human Growth Hormones

  • Reverse Osteoporosis

  • Feels Wonderful, Like a Deep Massage

  • Stimulates Serotonin (Happy Hormone)

  • Gently re-aligns organs

  • Clears Lymph glands

  • Reduces cortisol

  • Increases circulation

How Vibration Technology Works

When you stand on the Whole Body Vibration platform it produces vertical vibrations in your body. The energy of the Vibration Plate vertical vibrating platform is safely and effectively transferred to your body. Our body reacts to the natural stimulus that it receives from Vibration Plate with an involuntary reflex muscle contraction.

History of Vibration Technology

 The Russian space program developed the Vibration plate to contra negative side effects after a prolonged trip in outer space.  The muscle tissue of the cosmonauts had deteriorated considerably, causing a reduction in bone density (osteoporosis). The platform generates vibrations at selected Hz, which is then transferred to the body, causing the muscles to contract in a reflex, tremendously stimulating blood circulation.

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