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Procedure is performed with the world best LED Soli-Tone system. Results are documented with before and after pictures. Competitive prices.

Light treatment Question and Answers

What is Light Therapy?
LED Light Therapy is the use of light to create an anti-aging effect on the skin.  It’s non-invasive, safe for all skin types, builds collagen and elastin, and uses no lasers, injections or surgery!

IPL and LED therapy are both popular skin treatments, which one is better?

The IPL (Intense pulsed Light) and LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are both very similar skin light therapy. The IPL is more aggressive and produce faster results, but is more painful then LED therapy. The LED light therapy treat skin with lest intensity but over longer period of time, therefore is not painful at all, but it take 2 to 3 time longer to achieve the same results as IPL skin treatment. In, short if you can't tolerate the pain, then the LED therapy is right choice for you.

The IPL skin rejuvenation and photo facial treatment is not effective on clients with skin type 4 and up, therefore the LED light therapy is excellent alternative as will not cause skin burn or pigmentations.

What are benefits of using LED - Light Emitting Diodes light therapy?

Skin care light treatments do not use a UV lamp for the skin therapy; (always try to avoid the ultra-violet rays if you want to take care of your skin)

Photo rejuvenation therapy uses different type of light colors such as red, blue and amber, as well as infrared for treating different skin problems.

The red light is the widely used to treat wrinkles, fine lines and sun-burn. After going for this treatment your skin will be more elastic, supple and soft.

The blue light is mainly used for treating acne and pimples. Other benefits you can get from a regular use are:

  • Increased level of collagen which results in renewal of new cells and tissues. It ultimately leads to reducing wrinkles and fine lines on your face.
  • The LED therapy is known to heal blemishes, pimples, acne and other such skin problems. It kills the bacteria present in the skin.
  • Light skincare treatment will increase the circulation level, and your skin will be more elastic, flexible with a more youthful appearance.
  • The LED form of light treatments can also provide relief from body pain and stress.Công nghệ mới của Mỹ làm trẻ hoá da? .

What skin condition can be treated with LED Light therapy:

» Blemishes
» Blemishes with irritation
» Pigmentation on fair skin
» Pigmentation on darker skin
» General redness
» Redness flairs
» Photo-aging on fair skin
» Photo-aging on darker skin

What is LED Light therapy with Lumi Facial®?

LumiFacial® use 4 “cell-specific” wavelengths during treatment, the Soli-Tone 2500 can access targeted photoreceptors, inducing a therapeutic photo response that improves blemishes, pigmentation, redness and wrinkles.

Soli Tone 4 “cell-specific” wavelengths

Magenta light at 425 nm Improves the appearance of blemishes through its purifying properties.
Green light at 525 nm Reduces pigmentation through its photo-lightening effects.
Yellow light at 590 nm Reduces redness and irritation by stimulating lymphatic circulation and initiating rapid recovery.
Red light at 640 nm Increases collagen production up to fivefold, restores a better organized and younger dermal matrix.

 The blemish clearing treatment uses 4 cell-specific wavelengths favored for their anti-bacterial and repairing properties. Depends of blemishes condition a Microdermabrasion treatment might be applied together with Soli-Tone LED treatment. With LumiFacial LED light treatment you can immediately return to to normal routine without redness or peeling. Each client face will be analyzed with Ultra UV Cam skin analyzer and photo will taken before and after acne treatment for accurate progress monitoring.

How Light - LED  (Blue light) therapy work?
Focused LED light destroys the bacteria responsible for inflammation, stimulates cell growth, decreases pore size, and limits oil production in the future.

LED Light Therapy Results

Tightens the
facial Contour

This non-invasive process uses impulse micro-currents and red light at 640 nm to stimulate collagen production and tighten the facial contour.




An amazing blemish clearing treatment that uses 4 cell-specific wavelengths favored for their anti-bacterial and repairing properties.


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