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Last update: 06/05/2015, by Celluline, Toronto

How can I find out what the best Laser for my skin and hair type is? The ultimate goal is to choose a clinic that has laser hair removal systems that is most efficient for YOUR skin type and hair and most experience laser hair removal operator.

What the BEST laser hair removal system for your skin and hair type is?

So how do I know which laser system is most effective for me? There is 3 key factors:

1) Skin Type,  2) Hair color and 3) right laser class.

General guidance for Hair Removal Laser and Skin Type :

 Skin Type:
The best Laser Hair Removal system for skin type:
The best laser in this class: Comment:
Alexandrite or Ruby
  • GentleLASE Alexandrite Laser by Candela
  • Ruby  Epilaser by Palomar
The 755nm alexandrite laser is similar to the ruby 694nm, except that it has a greater penetration and less melanin absorption because of the slightly longer wavelength.  The Long Pulse Alexandrite Laser is best suited for patients with light (I or II ) skin type.
Alexandrite or Diode
  • GentleLASE Alexandrite Laser by Candela
  •  LightSheer Diode Laser by Lumenis
The two most commonly used hair removal lasers.
Diode Laser
  • LightSheer Diode Laser by Lumenis
The LightSheer diode laser has achieved the most worldwide widespread use for laser hair removal. This laser works well in fair-skinned patients, but has the added versatility to safely treat many darker or tanned patients.
Diode 100-400 ms pulse or Long Pulse Nd:YAG
  • LightSheer Diode Laser by Lumenis
  •  Lira Nd:YAG by Laserscope
By extending the pulse duration to 100 milliseconds or beyond, diode lasers can effectively treat tanned and dark-skinned patients or The Long Pulsed Nd:YAG laser.
Long Pulse Nd:YAG
  • Lira Nd:YAG by Laserscope
The Nd:YAG laser is the treatment of choice for patients with dark, coarse hair and dark skin, such as African-Americans. Compared to other lasers, the Nd:YAG laser may have reduced efficacy for treatment of finer, lighter hair, as there is less melanin absorption at the Nd:YAG wavelength.

How to choose laser hair removal latest and newest technology?
Never choose a NEW or non FDA approved laser. You don’t want to be guinea pig on your expense. To check whether or not the  laser is FDA approved, click here. Some of most popular and widely used lasers are: LightSheer, GentleLase; Lyra…

How about Laser Hair Removal Guaranteed Letter?
Don't choose a clinic that offers Guaranteed laser hair removal results. It is impossible to predict how an individual will react to Laser hair removal treatments therefor offering a guarantee is unprofessional business conduct and those clinic can't be trusted.

How to check Laser Clinic credentials?
Check clinic testimonials and ask whether or not they can be verified. Make sure that some of people writing the testimonials belong to same ethnic group as you.

Some Clinic say they can treat any skin type?
Never choose a laser that claims that it is universal and capable to treat any skin type.

  • None of the laser hair removal systems are as equally good for all skin types.
  • Never undergo a Laser hair removal treatment if you are tanned or are taking any photosensitive medications and don’t believe those clinics that claim that tanned skin isn’t a problem. You will only pay more for a less effective treatment, so make sure you do it before going on a vacation. It is very simple rule: the more your skin is darker the less effective the laser is. And do not believe that laser can even treat Grey hair.
  • The Laser hair removal principal is based on targeting dark hair pigmentation by laser light that passes through the skin and ends up on the hair folic root, because it is dark the light will be absorbed. Those Lasers that use RF (radio frequency) energy to heat and destroy hair folic roots aren’t efficient because they heat the surrounding skin tissue as well as the hair root.
    The only working solution for light, blonde or gray hair is electrolysis or if it is a large area it has to be treated with Meladine treatment. Meladine cream has to be applied on an area prior to laser treatments. The Meladine will be absorbed by hair so that later on the laser has enough dark pigment on the hair root in order to thermally destroy it.

Can IPL machine be used for Laser Hair Removal?
Yes, but avoid  IPL systems for hair removal, IPL (Intense Pulse Light) device is not a laser (however many clinics still are calling them lasers) . IPL devices are designed for Photofacial and other light therapy, but if a appropriate filter is applied they can be used for hair removal.

Despite that, some IPL systems out there can be nicely tuned for hair removal treatment, our advice is to stay away from them as the real laser machines  provide more consistent wave lengths that are tuned only for hair removal.

Most IPL / Laser multifunctional machines are capable to perform multiple cosmetic procedures, there for they are popular in cosmetic clinics as they cut coast of ownership. Most of ‘All in One’  Laser machines are : Jack of all trades, but master of none. And they are usually more difficult to operate so technicians are more likely to produce errors.

Are some Hair Removal Laser less painful then others?
Yes, but they can be less effective. Some lasers in order to lure potential costumers call them selves 'gentle'. All laser hair removal lasers are painful since they use light energy to destroy the hair root. In mater of fact if the laser is not painful that means the setting is too low, in order to prove to you how painless their laser is. The best defense against pain doing laser treatments, is to apply some topical anesthetics (like EMLA) few hours before the treatment and to take some Tylenol 3.

Who should perform the Laser Hair removal procedure?
Always choose experience. Check the Doctor’s or technician’s experience and credentials. Ask them if they actually had Laser hair removal training by a Laser manufacturer company and how many years of experience they have. It is much better to have experience laser technician or nurse then Medical Doctor with less experience.
Make sure that the same person who performs a consultation will be also performing your treatment. It is common in busy clinic that the most experienced staff members perform patient consultations, but the actual service is done by somebody else (or doctor supervised) who is not as experienced.

 Find your Skin type - Fitzpatrick skin phototypes:

 Skin Type
 Skin Color
Tanning History
 very fair, "transparent"
 Always burns, never tans
 Always burns, tans with difficulty
 fair to light olive
 Burns mildly, tans slowly
olive to brown
 Rarely burns, tans with ease
dark brown
 Very rarely burns, tans very easily
 Never burns, tans very easily

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