Laser Hair Removal
& Cellulite Reduction
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Endermologie is the ONLY TECHNIQUE in the world which MOBILIZES TRAPPED FAT (Cellulite) that is RESISTANT TO DIET AND EXERCISE

To extend effect of our cellulite treatment we recommends use of  MicroMassage Magic Pants.

The exclusive ”wave” mesh of the fabric, with its special relief, has been confirmed effective by clinical tests. It uses natural body movements to micromassage skin and adipose tissue, stimulating microcirculation, and reducing the look of “orange peel”.

Patented elastic hose active on cellulite. The graduated compression - decreasing to the thigh - massages, promotes blood microcirculation and venous return. It enhances the results of active mobilization and physical therapy. It prolongs the effects of mesotherapy. It can be worn at the ankle or under the heel.

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