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Endermologie is the ONLY TECHNIQUE in the world which MOBILIZES TRAPPED FAT (Cellulite) that is RESISTANT TO DIET AND EXERCISE

The Ballancer is excellent compliment to Cellulite and Endermologie treatment.

Benefits of pressotherapy / lymphatic drainage:

  • Circulatory System: Massage can improve the circulation of blood throughout the body increasing oxygen. Helps remove metabolic waste and can be beneficial in decreasing blood pressure.

  •  Lymphatic System: Massage can help increase lymph circulation, aids in the elimination of metabolic wastes, stimulates the immune system, and enhance Endermologie treatment of lymphatic drainage.

  • Muscular System: Massage stimulates and tones muscles and joints, and strengthens connective tissues. Aids in relaxation, relieves fatigue and provides relief from muscle spasms. The massage stimulates motor nerve points, alleviates stress and tension, and promotes a feeling a well being.

  • Skin Toning: Massage increases the supply of blood to the skin nourishing tissues and thus facilitating cell regeneration.

The Ballancer? has a gentle and effective peristaltic sequential compression cycle with  treatment pressure from 20 to 80 mmHg.

 How it works:

  • Following the principles of lymphatic drainage ("pressotherapy"), the Ballancer applies a wave of pressure to the subdermal tissue, from the base of the limbs upwards towards the body.
  • The sensation is that of a relaxing massage, like a pair of hands moving gently up the limbs.
  • The effect: increased lymphatic drainage and venous return.

The Ballancer? is a multi-purpose innovative device produced by the manufacturers of the ?Lympha Press? products widely known for their effectiveness in the treatment of lymphatic and venous disorders.

The action of the Ballancer? aids in the removal of excess interstitial waste fluids, accelerates venous and lymphatic return, and promotes total body relaxation for a general improvement in well-being.

In sports, the Ballancer? is highly recommended for enhanced muscle relaxation and relief of muscle fatigue caused by intensive athletic activity and to aid recovery from sports injuries.

Using the Ballancer? regularly may help to:

  • Prevent development of cellulite.

  • Interrupt the accumulation of cellulite.

  • Prevent and treat varicose veins.

  • Reduce limb and body swelling.

  • Shape legs, arms, buttocks, and belly.

  • Relieve leg pains due to obesity and hard work.

The feeling:

The Ballancer? mimics manual massage motion and gives a feeling of two hands moving up your limbs.

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